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Socket Jenie LVSG-516 For 5th Wheel Coleman Campers


This socket was originally developed for use to operate the landing gear winch of a 5th wheel camper design, but we have found that it will also fit the winch system that raises the roof on a 2006 Coleman/Fleetwood fold-down camper. The hole through the body of the camper is slightly larger than ¾”, and requires an extension into the camper of approximately 4 ¼”, has a ½” rod with a pin installed across the centerline of the rod, and the end of the socket has been machined to fit a ½” drill chuck. The total length of the socket is 5 ¼”, which includes the 1" portion that fits into the drill chuck. The location of the winch access hole is located at the rear of the camper, thru the tire mount. The socket is designed to exactly fit the jaws of a standard ½” drill chuck, and will never slip if tightened correctly. BE CAREFUL, since the design will not allow the SOCKET JENIE to slip in the chuck, injury to the operator can occur if the socket or camper roof suddenly stops moving.

  • Promo code: LVSG at check out.

    $50.00 and over recieve free shipping.

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